Shooting Courses

Sporting Clays' Course

The sporting clays' course wraps around the property and features 13 creative shooting stations that emulates scenarios that shooters might encounter during their time afield. Whether that be quail or pheasant flushing from the tall native grasses, ducks coming in to the decoys, or a high flying dove trying to escape the shot, there is something for every shooter, beginners or veterans.

5- Stand

Our 5-Stand course is still a work in progress, however it is up and functional. Featuring 6 different target presentations, the 5-Stand can be shot as competition, practice, or just for fun. This is a great set up to warm up for a round or introduce a new shooter to the sport.


We have two operational with one being a double trap. We are in the process of developing two more trap fields of which one will be a wobble trap. 

Skeet (High and Low Houses)

We have one skeet trap overlay.

3D Archery Range

With Rocky Creek running through the property, it provides a natural barrier between the firearm sports, and the coming attraction of a 3D Archery Range. Please check back for updates on the completion of the Archery Range.

Pistol and Rifle Range

Check back for updates on the Pistol and Rifle Range Expansion